Authentic Armenian cuisine

     When going to a restaurant "Araks" you should forget any diet. And why not, if the "body will be filled" not with the high-fat  fast food, but with flavorful combination of vegetables, herbs and chargrilled meat. Visit the restaurant with the whole family or a large company, so that everyone can order a different dish, and so all together can taste most of the menu offered dishes.


     To make it easier to choose in every menu part we present the dishes that responsibly represent Armenian cuisine and are most lauded by visitors. True country kitchen you will find in a bowl of Haslama soup. It is a thick, spicy, meat-based cooked soup, made with aubergines, sweet and spicy peppers, potatoes and Armenian herbs.


     For a light snack choose an unusual flavor salad "Araks". It is made from cooked beef, cut into thin long pieces, mixed with sweet red peppers and several varieties of herbs and spices. Salad is served with spicy sauce.

     Hot snacks will be able to choose and sworn meat eaters and vegetarians. The latter may taste Chačiapuri – the pastry filled with 3-types of cheese. Another popular snack - Dolma (In Armenia pronounced "Tolma") - this is similar to our meat-stuffed cabbage rolls. Minced meat added with rice and lots of herbs is wrapped into young salted grape leaves. Served with garlic Macun sauce.

     None of Armenian cuisine is unthinkable without the famous Khorovats, which are allowed to produce not for everyone. In restaurant Araks besides mutton, pork, carp khorovats you can try new dish - grilled pork tenderloin "Pyne" - a large piece of meat, nicely braided into pancreas. Completely new is the garnish of this dish - it is porridge Bulgur. All hot dishes are presented with vegetables and garnish. Tasting dinner or lunch you should complete with the traditional Armenian delicacy - pachlava.



 Smoke smell and steaks on the coals – such you won‘t find anywhere else in Vilnius

     According to the restaurant‘s manager Eringa, the dish, that represents restaurant  "Araks" the best is lamb khorovats "IKI-BIR".  „No one else has such khorovats in Vilnius, maybe even in all Lithuania. It is served strung onto small skewers. One person is served two skewers, but it also can be served for four people with eight ones. From a simple mutton khorovats it differs that there are small pieces of meat without bone, strung on a skewer alternately with lamb bacon pieces and potatoes. When cooking bacon releases fat on potatoes and this highly seasons the dish” – restaurant manager shares the secrets of the restaurant’s specialty. All restaurant’s khorovats are baked on the coals, and vegetable khorovats - on a live fire.


The professionals in the kitchen are working here since the opening of the restaurant nearly 10 years ago, so the quality and taste are maintained.


Armenia in the kitchen and in bar

     It is said that in Armenia nature ensured the best conditions for wine production. Have a drink of Armenian wine and feel the taste of the sun. Only Armenian wine is poured in restaurant.  Araks is one of the few places where you can taste the real Armenian pomegranate,  blackberry and apricot wines.


     The traditional flavor lovers will find white and red Armenian wines, that have already earned awards in Lithuania held up the best wines elections. What is the Armenian restaurant without Armenian brandy? In restaurant Araks you can choose brandy from a 3 and 5 stars "Ararat" brandy, ten years of maturing "Akhtamar" and at least 20 years of maturing "Nairi" brandy. Non-traditional flavors lovers will enjoy tasting Armenian vodka – from mulberry and cornel berries.


     Sitting by the richly loaded table – is the time for communication and enjoy life. And any dropped into the Armenian house, will never go out hungry. Have delicious and hearty discoveries in restaurant Araks